The protocol when starting a cannabis healing and maintenance regime is to start with a low dosage (about 2mg to 3 mg) and increase this incrementally every couple of days while monitoring your body for any side effects, until you have reached a dosage where there are no side effects and the relief from the particular ailment is achieved (the average dosage at this point is normally between 5mg and 10mg, even more in some cases). If, during this process a person experiences any side effects (dizziness or lethargy), keep the dosage the same for another couple of days and if the side effects persist, then slightly lower the dosage. If, on the other hand the side effects go away, continue with the protocol.

High dosing can decrease the benefits and increase prevailing side. Concentrations vary from person to person, based on an individuals’ endocannabinoid footprint which is based on the number of Endocannabinoids, receptors and enzymes that metabolize the cannabinoids.

How it works: At high dosages the receptors can become saturated and they get turned off, the enzymes available for metabolizing the cannabinoids in turn, get excreted into the blood. Once balance (homeostasis) is achieved, the receptors are turned on again. In a nutshell, through gradual dosage increase, when one starts feeling side effects, reduce the dosage slightly until there are no more side effects and homeostasis has been reached.

More is not necessarily better and the aim is to find the right dosage. It is advised to consult with your supplier in order for them to assist you during this process, they should be capable and knowledgeable, if not, change suppliers.