Due to an exemption (the current allowable CBD and THC content in health products) published in the Government Gazette on 23 May 2019, valid for one year, some cannabis products may be sold without recourse to the public. This will allow the cannabis industry in conjunction with the legal and medical/health institutions, to develop a suitable legal framework for the future.

With regards to the current allowable CBD and THC content in health products, these are the limitations: The content of CBD should be less than 0.0075% and the THC content should not exceed 0.001%. Products adhering to the above may be bought and sold freely and the producers’ integrity will play a vital role regarding the quality of his/her product….”fly by nighters”, please stay away, this is an important long term future market which, if managed correctly, will benefit a significant percentage of the natural health and self-medication market, not to mention future research which will have a positive impact on the medical science world too.

The above mentioned CBD and THC limitations are fine for micro dosing and daily supplement consumption and will satisfy a good portion of the current consumer market, unfortunately when it comes to severe conditions it has little relevance as at that point, the patient and the natural health consultant work closely together to find the right product (combination of cannabinoids-of which CBD and THC are two of many- and other natural health products) to treat the specific ailment, also the dosage needs to be adjusted over a period of time to suit the patient (individually our bodies react differently). The patients’ medical doctor will also be involved in the process. One hopes this will also be considered and provided for in future legislation.